Affiliated Wood Carvers, Ltd

International Woodcarvers Congress

Affiliated Wood Carvers, Limited, (AWC) is a non-profit corporation whose primary purpose is to promote the fine art of woodcarving through the sponsorship of the International Woodcarvers Congress.

2018 Competition Results - BOS Photos

Best of Show: Punch and Judy by Debra Bergum. Lakebille, AR

2018 Best of Show

Best of Show - 1st Runner-up: Watches The Sky By Brian Hartman, Aurora, MN

2018 ist Runnerup BOS

Best of Show - 2nd Runner-up: Beyond The Reflection by James Wall, Granville, IL
2018 2nd Runnerup BOS

Photos by Marc Featherly © 2018.   More of Marc's studio quality photos will be available on the Photo Galleries page at a future date.